50 First Words Parent Handouts

One of the most frequent concerns I hear from parents is that their child is only saying a few words but their doctor says to wait until their 2-year appointment.

I created this set of handouts as a visual reminder and to give parents. It also has ideas when they can practice the word.

Each word also includes a picture of how to make the sign in sign language.

I recommend only working on a few words at a time.

Here are a few examples: 

First Words Eat in Sign Language
First Word Help in Sign Language

These handouts are available as a set and also in a bundle with my Early Intervention Notebook.

Toys for Spring 25 Under $25

Speech and Language at Home

Here are my top picks to fill those Easter baskets this Spring. 

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3/21 Pledge


Want to feel good today?

One of my favorite ways to have a good day is to do something nice for someone. 

If you feel that way too, boy do I have an easy one for you.

Join me in taking the 3/21 Pledge to support Ruby's Rainbow. This amazing non-profit raises money for college scholarships for people with Down syndrome.

Watch the story about it here.