Tips for Teaching Phonation in Toddlers.


Before kids start using words they need to learn to use their voice. Late talkers often skip this important babbling stage.

Here is a quick look at what I use to get quiet kids to start making some noise.

5 tools to get kids talking

1. Bla Bla Bla app. This is a great voice activated app. The pictures are a little, let's just say different, but the voice activation + visual feedback is very motivating.

2. Cups. Making silly sounds into cups or other containers is a great way to encourage vocalizations. Remember to keep if fun so there is little pressure to "talk".

3. Magic Mic or Echo Mic's are almost always a winner with my toddlers. They love the vibration of the spring inside and can't resist holding it up to their mouth and letting out some noise. Put on some music and they might even surprise you with a little tune.

4. Toobaloo. A simple hollow tube that brings the sound right from your mouth up to your ear. Some kids don't get how to use this at first but after a little modeling kids really like hearing the sound of their own voice.

5. Toy phones. I keep a little set of phones with my pretend play toys. I like to have more than one so we can call each other. So many of my kids have just popped out "hi" or "bye" during play when they have never used those words before. 

Ikea mirror 6 copy

6. Mirror. This mirror from IKEA could be the best investment I've made for my little ones.  Prop it up in front of a quiet kid and they may just start a conversation with themselves. It is also big enough to sit side by side so they can watch you making funny faces and sounds with them. This mirror is great for traveling SLP's. I need to write a whole post about it.

toddler 7

7. Movement. Set down the toys and get up and move. Many kids will turn their voice on once their body is in motion. Tickle, run, jump and swing to encourage vocal play.

Looking for more apps to increase phonation in toddlers? Here are some more suggestions.

speech apps

(I have no affiliation with the products listed in this post).