Free printable First Words Checklist for Early Speech and Language development. Comes in both English and Spanish.

First Words Checklist (English & Spanish)

Keep track of your toddlers first words with this simple checklist. This list of common first words includes:

  • exclamatory words (uh oh, oops)
  • things (nouns)
  • actions (verbs)
  • people and pronouns
  • locations (prepositions)
  • descriptors (adjectives)
  • BONUS: There is a place to track the date and number of words (or words in sign language) at the bottom.

To use, mark off words you hear your toddler say on their own (not imitated words). There is room to write in names of familiar people and addition words. This checklist is simply a guide based on common first words. Make changes based on your child's own words. 

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