Antonym and Synonym Photo Cards

Antonym and Synonym Photo Cards


Endless possibilities for antonym and synonym activities with these photo cards. Remove the pictures and just use the words when teaching older students. 

Adapt them for changing seasons or themes using props and containers.

Pair them with turn taking games or a child’s special interests to increase motivation.

This instant PDF download includes:

  • Antonym and Synonym words checklist

  • 88 real 3 x 5 photo cards*

  • 80 antonym word cards

  • 80 synonym word cards

  • 12 Written Prompts

  • 5 Data Pages

Use these cards:

•With pre-k through adults

•As an independent task


•With mixed groups.

Vary difficulty:

•For younger children pair photo cards with real objects

•For older children and adults use written words

Antonym Cards:

hard, soft, on, off, wash, dry, quiet, loud, girl*, boy*, happy*, sad*, heavy, light, clean, dirty, fast, slow, front, back, new, old, win*, lose*, excited*, disappointed*, empty, full, open, closed, sink, float, hot, cold, big, small, woman*, man*, mom*, dad*, female*, male*, grandmother*, grandfather*, old*, young*, asleep, awake*, long, short, curly, straight, good*, bad*, right*, wrong*, yes*, no*, country*, city*, sunrise*, sunset*, morning*, evening*, dawn*, dusk*, rural* urban*, before, after, up, down, early, late, over, under, near, far, inside, outside

* Pictures used for more than one antonym

Synonym Cards:

rocks, stones, dirt, soil, couch, sofa, trash, garbage, class, students, gift, present, soda, coke, pail, bucket, purse, handbag, suitcase, luggage, journal, diary, stomach, tummy, tissue, Kleenex, cream, lotion, change, coins, money, cash, relax, unwind, stressed, overwhelmed, excited, thrilled, boring, dull, sick, ill, thinking, wondering, cut, chop, dangerous, unsafe, laugh, giggle, worried, nervous, children, kids, jealous, envious, silly, goofy, hungry, starving, friends, companions, fight, argue, happy, glad, sad, feeling down, timid, shy, brave, courageous, surprised, shocked, concerned, uncertain, watching, observing, mad, angry

** Includes some photo cards from other sets

Written Prompts:

  • This is

  • These are all

  • Name something

  • Name 3

  • Tell me 3 things about

  • Describe a

  • Find something

  • I have something

  • Do you have something

What you’ll receive:

A digital PDF download (17 pages). No physical product will be shipped.

To use:

You will need to have an up to date version of a PDF Reader like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this resource.

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