Early Intervention Notebook

Early Intervention Notebook


Do you wish you had handouts for families on how to use speech and language at home? Now you do.

This early intervention notebook designed for home health SLP's and early intervention specialists includes information, worksheets and handouts for parents.

This instant PDF download includes:

Over 20 pages of information and worksheets to use for coaching families.

  • What is Speech Therapy

  • The Coaching Model

  • Tips for Families

  • Wellness Reminders

  • Toy Buying Tips

  • Toy Rotation

  • Screen Time Recommendations

  • My Child (Strengths and Interests/Needs and Concerns)

  • Play Ideas (Toys and Activities)

  • My Support System Worksheet

  • Local Resources Worksheet

  • Online Resources Worksheet

  • Support System Contact List

  • Local Resources Contact List

  • Professionals Contact List

  • Our Weekly Schedule

  • Weekly Speech and Language Goals (Blank)

  • Monthly Speech and Language Goals (Blank)

  • Monthly Speech and Language Calendars (Blank)

  • Simple Reflection Form

  • Simple Progress Tracking Sheet

Plus 28 pages of full or half sheet handouts (ink-friendly black line). That is 56 ways to use speech and language at home and in the community.

Target vocabulary is suggested but there is also room to write specific goals.

Handouts Topics

Daily Activities: Getting Dressed, Brushing Hair, Going to the Bathroom, Washing Hands, Eating, Brushing Teeth, Taking a Bath, Reading a Book, Saying Hi / Bye, Going to Sleep

I Can Help: Make the Bed, Pick up Clothes, Feed a Pet, Walk the Dog, Carry Groceries, Cook, Sweep, Water Plants, Pick up Toys, Throw Away Trash, Set the Table, Wipe the Table

Let’s Go Out: Take a Walk, Ride in a Car, Visit Family, Church, The Park, The Playground, Grocery Store, Restaurant, The Dentist, The Doctor, The Movies, The Zoo, The Pool, The Beach, The Post Office, The Vet, The Library, School

Let’s Play: Bubbles, Blocks, Dolls, Cars or Trains, Dress-up, Ball, Music, Kitchen, Arts and Crafts, Animals, Puzzles, Read Together, Bike Ride, Swim, Wrestle, Dance

SLP Record Sheets

  • Child Information Sheet

  • Early Skills Checklist

  • Sounds and Exclamatory Words Record Sheet

  • Early Signs Tracking Sheets (1-50)

  • First Words Tracking Sheets (1-50)

  • Blank Data Tracking Sheet

  • Blank Notes Sheet

  • Local Resource List

  • Online Resource List

  • Professionals Contact List

  • Mileage Form

What you’ll receive:

A digital PDF download (133 pages). No physical product will be shipped.

To use:

You will need to have an up to date version of a PDF Reader like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this resource.

Questions or Concerns?

I’d love to hear from you. Email me: Lia@speechandlanguageathome.com

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