Find it Fast Articulation Early Sounds

Find it Fast Articulation Early Sounds


A fast pace speech therapy game perfect for those high energy preschoolers. These Find It Fast games are a fun way to target early speech sounds (P B M N T D K G F). Mixed positions and a playful activity are perfect for improving carryover of articulation sounds.

This instant PDF download includes:

  • Find It Fast game to target early speech sounds (P B M N T D K G F)

  • 10 MORE games, plus additional activities

  • Picture word banks

  • Speech

    • Words listed by initial, medial and final sounds

    • Individual word list sheets

  • Language

    • Yes/No Questions

    • Wh Questions

    • Categories, Descriptions

    • Basic Concepts

    • Negatives

    • Plurals

    • Compare / Contrast

    • Facts and Opinions

    • Tier 2 Vocabulary

  • Social Skills

    • Rubric (circle 1 - 5) for turn-taking, topic maintenance, asking for clarification, clarifying and repairing breakdowns, regulating emotions, respecting others

  • Phonemic Awareness

    • Auditory Discrimination

    • Rhyming

    • Syllables

    • Initial Sounds

    • Final Sounds

    • Blending

    • Segmenting

Find It Fast P

Target Words: apple, jump, cupcake, grapes, zip, pajamas, cup, pants, pencil, puppy, soap, pear, tape

Find It Fast B

Target Words: bag, bike, bee, bed, bowl, bus, boot, ball, table, bug, bear, tub, cube

Find It Fast M

Target Words: markers, milk, muffin, tomato, shampoo, tummy, remote, swim, comb, pajamas, computer, gum, game

Find It Fast N

Target Words: nose, noodles, knife, notebook, nap, nurse, phone, run, pencil, headphones, pen, money, can

Find It Fast T

Target Words: top, toes, table, team, two, tie, tub, toys, boot, potato, coat, cat, hat

Find It Fast D

Target Words: dog, doughnut, duck, dishes, hotdog, slide, spider, bed, hand, bread, dip, door, noodles

Find It Fast K

Target Words: blanket, couch, markers, keys, car, coat/jacket, fork, cat, sick, cookie, book, sock, backpack

Find It Fast G

Target Words: pig, gone, egg, go, bag/groceries, hamburger, nuggets, good, hotdog, goldfish, garbage, bagel, dog/pug

Find It Fast F

Target Words: phone, half/fig, foot/feet, leaf/fall, family, full, five/left, fun, muffin, waffle, fish, photo, football

Easy Prep

  • Create 1 set of square picture cards, word bank and small picture cards to use for EVERY game and worksheet.

  • Square format (no circles to cut!)


What you’ll receive:

A digital PDF download (101 pages). No physical product will be shipped.

To use:

You will need to have an up to date version of a PDF Reader like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this resource.

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