Games for Motor Speech

Games for Motor Speech


I created these games for Motor Speech when I needed activities for doing PROMPT therapy ( I use these with my clients who have Apraxia (CAS), and Down Syndrome.

This instant PDF download includes:

Move That Jaw

(Picture cards: pop, Mom (Mama), mop, Pam, bib, hop, baa, ham, Pop (Papa), up, bomb, map, Bob, bam (bop), pom pom)

Move Those Lips

(Picture cards: pie, puppy, whee, boo, moo, home, happy, boy, baby, bee, hi, bye, wow, off, I/me/my)

Move That Tongue

(Picture cards: apple, ball, bear, van, meat, hat, bat, banana, hippo, bug, bus, boat, coat, bunny, top)

Move that Mouth

(Picture cards: treasure chest, potato chips, watermelon, party hat, strawberry, scarf, spaghetti, butterfly, cheeseburger, astronaut, marshmallow, spider web, sprinkle, flashlight)

The Games (with directions)

  • Cariboo cards (Cariboo game not included)

  • 3 Strikes

  • Spot It

  • Memory

  • Bingo

  • Blackout

  • Sprint

  • Go Fish

These are designed to be portable for travel between homes visits. Labels and suggestions for storage are included. Color printer and laminator recommended


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