Multiple Meaning Photo Cards

Multiple Meaning Photo Cards


Help your students expand their vocabulary with these multiple meaning photo cards. Pair them with turn taking games or a child’s special interests to increase motivation. 

This instant PDF download includes: 

  • Multiple meaning words checklist

  • What are multiple meanings page

  • 96 real 3 x 5 photo cards*

  • 25 word cards (plus blanks)

  • 4 Written Prompts

  • 1 all in one language worksheet

  • 6 pages of data collection sheets (2 - multiple meanings, 4 - language)

Use these cards:

•With pre-k through adults

•As an independent task


•With mixed groups.

Vary difficulty:

•For younger children pair photo cards with real objects

•For older children and adults use written words

Multiple Meaning Photo Cards:

Two pictures per word: flour/flower, son/sun, sail, sale, ball, bark, knight/night, point, box, cap, pitcher, tag, pot, file, wave, tie, bun, peek/peak, roll/role, stamp, sub, letter, mail/male, diamond, check, top, petal/pedal, scale, brush, beet/beat, fan*, mouse*, cone, bow, bill, weight*/wait, ring*, glasses, bat*, pair/pear, light*, fly*

One picture per word: brace, medal/metal, clip, ant/aunt, pen, mole, train, through*/threw, spring*, switch, can*, sundae/Sunday, bee*/be, slice, trip, safe

** Includes some photo cards from other sets

Written Prompts:

  • What word describes both pictures?

  • What is another meaning for the word...

  • Use this word in two different ways.

  • Make up a sentence about both pictures using the same word.

What you’ll receive:

A digital PDF download (28 pages). No physical product will be shipped.

To use:

You will need to have an up to date version of a PDF Reader like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this resource.

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