Phonemic Awareness Photo Cards

Phonemic Awareness Photo Cards


Wish I had these photo cards years ago. So many kids need help with phonemic and phonological awareness skills. Target sound discrimination, rhyming, segmenting, blending and more. 

This instant PDF download includes: 

  • Binder cover

  • Phonemic Awareness Hierarchy with prompts

  • Training materials (same/different, beginning/end, first last cards)

  • 24 Letter / Sound Cards

  • 3 Segmenting / Blending Mats

  • 112 real photo cards (28 - two word rhyming sets, 14 - four word rhyming sets)

  • Bingo boards

Photo Cards:


  • aw: saw, paw,

  • oke: soak, poke

  • ick: sick, pick

  • ie: sky, pie

  • og: dog, log, hog, fog

  • ice: rice, ice, dice, mice

2 Words

  • ab: cab, crab

  • ack: sack, tack

  • ad: sad, mad

  • ag: bag, rag

  • ake: shake (milkshake), cupcake

  • ail: pail, kale

  • all: ball, wall

  • alk: chalk, hawk

  • ed: bed, red

  • eg: beg, peg

  • en: men, hen

  • st: vest, chest

  • It: kit, knit

  • one: bone, pinecone

  • op: top, mop

  • ose: nose, hose

  • ot: pot, rot

  • up: tub, cub

  • un: bun, run

  • ut, nut, hut

4 Words

  • am: ham, jam, clam, ram

  • an: can, fan, pan, man

  • ap: cap, map, clap, nap

  • ar: jar, star, (gold)bar, car

  • at: cat, mat, hat, bat

  • ee: tea, tree, bee, key

  • ill: hill, grill, pill, drill

  • in: win, tin, pin, fin

  • ing: king, ring, swing, string

  • ip: dip, zip, ship, clip

  • oat: coat, boat, goat, float

  • ug: rug, bug, mug, jug

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