Rhyming Mini Books

Rhyming Mini Books


Mini books are a simple, low prep activity (or homework). Plus, kids love them! I've also discovered mini books make great sorting cards! This set of 30 rhyming books is an amazing value.

This instant PDF download includes:

Rhyming word list

Directions with picture support

30 Mini books (or cards) for rhyming (30 color/30 black and white)

  • ab: cab, lab, dab, crab, jab, nab

  • ack: Jack, back, snack, pack, track

  • ad: lad, dad, pad, bad, mad, sad

  • ag: had, rag, bag, flag, stag, brag

  • all: ball, wall, tall, small, fall, call

  • am: ram, jam, yam, ham, swam, dam

  • an: man, van, ran, fan, can, pan

  • ap: clap, cap, map, gap, snap, nap

  • ar: scar, jar, char, bar, car, far

  • at: sat, mat, cat, pat, rat, hat

  • ed: shed, led, fled, fed, bed, read

  • eg: leg, beg, Meg, peg, peg leg, keg

  • en: men, Ben, hen, pen, ten, den

  • est: nest, rest, pest, vest, best, chest

  • et: pet, tea set, wet, net, vet, met

  • ick: chick, lick, ick, sick, kick, stick

  • ig: pig, big, dig, fig, wig, rig

  • ill: Jill, Bill, hill, grill, fill, spill

  • in: chin, shin, twin, fin, grin, win

  • ing: king, bring, ring, wing, sing, swing

  • ink: think, rink, ink, link, drink, wink,

  • ip: sip, chip, dip, tip, ship, rip

  • it: fit, hit, kit, bit, pit, sit

  • og: hog, fog, bog, dog, jog, log

  • op: pop, top, cop, stop, hop, mop

  • ot: tot, pot, hot, spot, dot, cot

  • ub: cub, shrub, grub, sub, tub, rub

  • ug: pug, mug, bug, tug, hug, rug

  • un: run, sun, nun, water gun, fun, bun

  • ut: Tut, hut, cut, rut, nut, gut

Kid friendly directions are included to make this no-prep!

Print, laminate and cut to make cards.

These can be used to play go fish, memory or with other open-ended games.

All books/cards come in color and printer friendly black and white. Perfect for take-home practice.


What you’ll receive:

A digital PDF download (10 pages). No physical product will be shipped.

To use:

You will need to have an up to date version of a PDF Reader like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this resource.

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