Shapes is an Interactive Book that was written for toddlers and children with speech and language impairments.

Children with developmental delays, apraxia, autism, Down syndrome and individuals using augmentative devices would benefit from these simplified illustrations and vocabulary.


This download contains:

  • One, 8-page printable book in color and black & white

  • Directions for assembly.

These books can be used to target:

  • Early communication skills: joint attention, pointing, making choices

  • Building vocabulary by identifying or labeling single words

  • Expanding from words to phrases (ex. “on” to “on the table”)

  • Answering simple “wh” questions (What, Where, Who)

  • Practice core words on AAC devices.

  • Building literacy skills

The books can be printed in color for repeated use or black and white to share with families.

They are designed to be used as a simple early book that can easily be shared with families (black line copies) or constructed as an interactive for repeated use and high engagement (laminated pieces with Velcro).

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