Visual Schedules for Daily Routines at Home and School

Visual Schedules for Daily Routines at Home and School


Having a visual schedule for daily routines can be a very helpful tool for ANY kid. I use these visual schedules with toddlers up through elementary school. They are especially useful for children with complex communication needs. You'll get 96 picture cards for home and school (color and black & white). Bonus: visuals for toy storage

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Index of visuals

Morning Routine (boy and girl)

wake up, go to the bathroom, wash hands, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, brush hair, pack lunch, pack backpack, put on shoes, put on jacket, go to school

School Schedule

circle time, recess, lunch, writing, computers, library, math, science, social studies, music, art, PE


look, listen, be quiet, sit, read, work together, think, raise your hand, share, line up, walk, wash hands

Class Helpers

door helper, light helper, line leader, hand sanitizer, calendar helper, board cleaner, snack helper, lunch helper, messenger, table cleaner, plant waterer, pet feeder

Visual Directions

circle, cross out, underline, check, color, fold, cut, tape, glue, highlight, draw, write

write your name, trace, write, spell, ABC order, 123 order, stack, sort, match, count, measure, clean up

Evening Routines (boy and girl)

put backpack away, have a snack, have fun, do homework, eat dinner, go to the bathroom, wash hands, take a bath, put on pajamas, brush teeth, read, go to sleep

  • 12 pictures per page

  • Color and black & white

  • With and without words

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